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expatiate further on a limitless wealth of pos&ifolli*
ties. Thousands of those who have teen assisting
in the monstrous clumsy evacuations and shlffings
of population that have been going on recently,
must have had their imaginations stirred by dim
realisation of how much better all this might be
done, if it were done in a new spirit and with a
different Intention. There must be a multitude
of young and youngish people quite ripe for
infection by this idea of cleaning up and resettling
the world. Young men who are now poring over
war maps and planning annexations and strategic
boundaries, fresh Maginot lines, new Gibraltars
and Dardanelles, may presently be scheming the
happy and healthy distribution of routes and
residential districts in relation to this or that
important region of world supply for oil or wheat
or water-power. It is essentially the same type
of cerebration, better employed.
Considerations of this sort are sufficient to
supply a background of hopeful activities to our
prospective world order. But we are not all
architects and gardeners ; there are many types
of minds and many of those who arc training or
being trained for the skilled co-operations of
warfare and the development of a combatant
morale, may be more disposed to go on witb
definitely educational work. In that way they